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Healing Relationships

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Empowerment and healing through healthy relationships

Service Description

Do you have a relationship that needs healing? Whether it be a family member (living or deceased), friends, co-workers etc. the struggle can be crippling. Through this technique you will feel peace in your heart, taking a solid step toward healing any relationship. Sometimes, when you find yourself in the dark you think you have been buried when, actually, you have always been planted and given an opportunity to grow. I am here to help you find your way out of the dark and guide your way into healing, growing and becoming, integrating love, peace, and everything else that you can access on the other side of the pain. My program will help you empower health and healing in your life by creating the conditions that support healthy relationships. It is not psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. It is not talk therapy. Rather, I will teach you an alternative method for addressing and resolving relationship challenges, dynamics, obstacles, and patterns that prevent or block health and well-being to the body, mind, and emotions. The techniques are especially helpful if you are in a marriage or relationship and have "tried everything" and are still experiencing conflict or difficulty in the relationship. I can also used this method to address your relationship problems or issues from the past—things that took place long ago but are still present and being held or carried physically, emotionally, or mentally. What you can expect : - clear charged relationship experiences from the past that block or prevent health and healing in the present. - release and resolve subconscious blocks and conditioning preventing a healthy relationship. - strengthen health and the healing process through establishing healthy relationships. - align the body, mind, and emotions to the experience of a healthy relationship. - through a change in perception, bring energetic closure to a difficult relationship experience from the past or present. - cultivate acceptance and deep understanding through relationship awareness. This can serve as an effective complement to traditional marriage counseling and provides an uplifting, healing and transformative approach to relationships, health, and healing.

  • From 180 Canadian dollars
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Cancellation Policy

Session will be held on New York time in EST zone. The time showing in Step 2 of the booking process is based in New York time. You can convert time zones by selecting the country name in the dropdown box if you book a virtual meeting (not available on mobile app). Please be aware that your session won’t be refunded if you miss it. A cancellation policy of 48 hours and payment will be applied.

Contact Details

  • 61 Rue Cameron suite 250, Hudson, Québec J0P 1H0, Canada

    (450) 458-5225

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