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My Story

As a child, I imagined entire universes where animals had the ability to speak in order toshare the still unknown secrets of life with us. In front of the mirror in my room I imagined myself speaking to audiences. I was feeling like being a Grand Master teaching. I explained to the public the great animal wisdom and the loss of control of the Human in their own existence. I advocated a return to nature, simplicity, the absence of "political correctness", listening to oneself, traveling, discovering other peoples, in a word, I was already committed and this very early in my existence. This curious spirit and this desire to understand the human has never left me.


I am often asked how I entered this world of spirituality, holistic and therapeutic healing. The truth is, this was quite unlikely at first.


My parents both had complex and traumatic childhoods each in their own way. My father has five brothers and sisters, my mother four. During their childhood, my parentsfound themselves faced with deprivation, loneliness, isolation, hard physical work, in one of them violence and in both cases the absence of control over their life. The trauma was woven into the fabric of my family history, it was already in the cells of our bodies (and would inspire my personal quest for years to come). They came out of this experience wanting to take revenge on life and make the most of it every day. My parents wanted to live and no longer just survive. By creating a shock wave around them, their respective freedom was launched, they rose taller and stronger to the detriment of those around them. I owe them a large part of my vision of life, which is the opposite of what I lived daily as a child of course, as well as my belief in the power of the body to heal itself, the search for meaning and the resilience of the human spirit. There is a world of difference between “showing that you are happy” and “being happy”. In the chaos of my childhood, I owe this understanding to my parents.


As an only child, I grew up in France, spending my young years in Brittany.When I was not at school, I spent my days exploring the wild coast of Brittany, lulled bythe tales, myths and legends of the region, I was curious about everything it had to offer me. I spoke to nature, to animals, to the sea, I felt myself living surrounded by this raw beauty rich in meaning. Being at boarding school from a very young age, my quest for freedom very quickly made itself felt. My Dad had detected this thirst for new spaces very early in me. We traveled a lot, several times a year and all over the world, it was my best escape, but was it enough for the curious person that I was? I had planned to study classics but the call of travel was stronger than anything and I left to discover the world, alone, at 17 and a half.


During the first decades of my career, I particularly focused on being an independent woman and mother. I drew what I learned from my own experience and from the baggage inherited from my childhood. I raised my children through multiple trips, the  discovery of new cultures, various passions but also immigration to Canada in 2006. I worked up to 18 hours a day to earn what I thought was freedom and giving my son and daughter what I had missed so much... I started with a few dollars in my bank account, a sewing machine in the kitchen and a baby under each arm, to finish 15 years later at the head of an empire of 3 design companies present in 120 stores around the world.


Over the next few years, when my children were around 15 and 17, my schedule and my mind began to clear. I had excelled in the professional world, I had raised my children as I would have liked to be, they had grown up in abundance, care and love, I had everything to be happy about except that I had forgotten myself, I had disappeared, my personal and sentimental life were in an inextricable abyss.I realized that I had achieved what society, my family, my friends, my beliefs expected ofme, but not what I really wanted. So I went in search of the ultimate freedom, the one buried inside me, that of carefree childhood, of the image of this wild Breton coast, of this inner peace, of this salty wind on my face, my dialogue with nature and this fullness of the moment. From that day, I felt ready to undertake a new big project: myself.


The inspiration came in the form of a wrong life choice (again)! At that time, I had put in my head that the meaning of existence lay in the accomplishment of marriage. Which I had so far totally failed. So here I am embarked on the spiral of married life. I get rid of my companies, I become the perfect housewife, devoted body and soul to my husband, I am now at the head of a large blended family and little by little I am dying. On the other hand, in my entourage there is a light. A radiant, spiritual, strong and adventurous woman... A woman who attracts. She is a massage therapist and according to those close to her, she has “magical” hands. Curiosity carries me away, I want to know what this magic is, I want to be free and luminous like this woman. This great woman is called Sophie Vérot, she will become my Master in Lomi Lomi, an ancestral Hawaiian massage that heals body and mind. During a short week of initiation, I embrace this discovery that is the helping relationship and I see a new spirituality taking shape before me with the teaching of my second Master, Dr. Punnu Singh Wasu in Bali , the island of the Gods.

I then enter into an insatiable thirst for learning. I am dedicated to my newapprenticeship, I am at the beginning but I am animated in this new vocation. I feel that I am making a difference for others and I feel myself growing at the same time. For the first time in my life, I feel useful for who I am, complete and rich in my strengths. I put the cards on the table around me, my vision changes, the path of life as well, I fight to recover my freedom. Divorce comes with its share of suffering and uncovered infidelity.

I'm starting completely from scratch, my rebirth is finally beginning…


This misstep ultimately taught me to struggle with the tensions, obstacles and anxieties that arise when our quest for love and security clashes with our quest for adventure and freedom. The large subject of the helping relationship fascinated me. I saw people around me suffering from different patterns, starting with myself or my own parents. I wanted to heal myself and others. I wanted to be “happy” and no longer have to “show that I am happy”.


I didn't know if I could succeed in this completely new voice. I had never done it before, until then I had only done things that I was sure I could do. It was the first time that I undertook a course without any certainty as to its outcome but an incredible force pushed me to do it. The people around me reacted, I saw that I was calming them down, I became aware of the power of my words, of my hands, of my energy to accompany and heal others. I was finally becoming powerful, I could help people and bring them to inner peace. During all the years of training and learning I healed myself. I was able to lift the veil on my pain, repair the irreparable and finally feel I exist so I am able to offer is of the best.


A decade later, after thousands of hours of training and practice, it is clear that I have found my calling. I am moved to be able to share common ailments with which so many of us struggle, to be able to provide guidance and strength of healing to my clients.


I like to explain the mysteries of the human condition with simple words. I love helping people around the world to love themselves, to feel understood, to face their joys and sorrows, and to be motivated to change. All this gives me energy when I wake up in the morning.


The modern ego ideology is compelling. Never has the “self” been such a central unit in our society. Never have we expected more from our relationships or ourselves, and never have we collapsed under the weight of so many expectations.


Self healing therapy is probably the most difficult type of therapy to follow and practice and I have been on both sides. In my work as a therapist or spiritual guide, I see despair, loneliness, contempt, violence, absence of any physical contact, lack of self-confidence, harassment, addiction and so many other ingrained patterns. I continually study different healing modalities including Bhakti Yoga, Active Consciousness Meditation, Neuroscience, Reiki, Hypnosis, Bodywork and Psychodrama. A decade later, after thousands of hours of training and practice, I have found my vocation. I can now heal the ailments that so many of us struggle with, providing guidance and strength to help my clients heal their wounds and shape their life path..


Thank you for reading my story, I am looking forward to guiding you on your healing journey.



My Curriculum



Reiki Grand Master

Usui Shiki Ryoho

(student of Dr. Punnu Singh Wasu)

Spa Setting

Massage Therapy

Certified Thaï Yoga Massage and Fashia Universe (student of Carlos Romero, Bali, teacher training)



Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis

Pouring Massage Oil


Certified Ancestral Kahuna Bodywork - Professionnal Diploma in Suedish Massage

Reaching Out

Coaching NLP

Certified NLP Master Practitioner -personnal and corporate- CQPNL

Psychopathology - ARCHE, France

Buddha Statue


Active Consciousness Meditation (student of Punnu Wasu, Bali)

ON TRAINING 2023-2024

My Approach

When we work together I will meet you exactly where you are at. You can expect that dialogue will be interspersed with experiencing. To become the healthiest you, it is necessary to heal old wounds and transform what is not working. I will walk with you as your guide in a manner that is warm, playful, and deeply caring. I will be sure to meet you with humility and curiosity, and I do not take lightly the courage required to slowly open to your inner world.

My Beliefs :

  • Individuals are oriented towards, and capable of, healing.

  • We are wired for connection on our inner self.

  • Our past influences our present.

  • Emotional regulation can be learned and practiced.

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