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Eyes Closed

What is happening in your Mind is not Reality

Holistic Healing


About Me

And what if you meet a practitionner who has awaken herself ?


Holistic approach, neurosciences, bodywork, coaching, spiritual counselling are some powerful and empowering form of therapies that synthesizes emotional awareness, spiritual growth, and physical actions to improve your health and wellness. From my experience, these modalities bypassed symptoms and made me realized the actual root of the problem, allowing me to heal and grow through the power of spiritual enlightenment.

"Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more."


My Treatments

Reiki Treatment


Learn the Language of your Mind with the NLP coaching session. Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach to communication and personal development that focuses on how individuals organise their thinking, feelings and language. It has been used to assess and treat a variety of clinical symptoms, including depression, anxiety, stress and improve overall wellbeing.


Hypnosis is a form of therapy used to reprogram the subconscious mind. It can have many applications as a part of treatment for anxiety, stress, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, substance abuse including tobacco, sexual dysfunction, undesirable compulsive behaviors, mood disorders, and bad habits.


Reiki is an energy healing technique. Reiki may bring help and comfort whether you're facing a minor bruise, cancer or recovery from surgery. Reiki helps you relax deeply, and relaxation can help you reduce muscle tension and pain, release stress, speed wound healing and improve your health and well-being. It is particularly useful for healing trauma


Healing Relationships

A healing relationship is one that helps us regain our sense of value, autonomy, safety, and respect — our birthright as human beings. After bad experiences that may have seemed to call these basic truths into question, healing relationships can affirm these truths to us, building our self-esteem, confidence, and sense of security in the process.

Kahuna Ancestral Massage

Kahuna Healing Bodywork is an ancient, sacred Hawaiin Healing art that involves the whole person, the Higher Self, the Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind & Body. It is one style of lomi lomi which employs flowing strokes using the hands and forearms to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the client's body and synchronise their breath and heartbeat.

Long Distance Session

Receiving a virtual holistic therapy session is a crucial moment on the spiritual awakening path. It is a beautiful step, among many, that will move you towards the manifestation of your deepest dreams. When you are committed to the process of transformation, the Universe will assist you to have an amazing, awe-inspiring long-distance therapy experience.


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